Kick off 2016 - Larvik

39 members of staff (17 existing, and 22 new) from ABAX UK have just returned from a fun filled and educational weekend in Larvik, Norway for Kick Off 2016. Each country in which ABAX operates (UK, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, and Finland) took all their staff members (300 to be exact) to join in on a weekend to remember!
ABAX Kick off 2016

The reason for the large amount of new recruits is due to a large expansion project in 2016, where we are boosting our sales team. Due to this expansion, we are planning to move to new offices to house the new recruits.

What is Kick Off?

Kick Off is an annual event to commend ABAX members of staff for their hard work and efforts. It is also to welcome new members to the team and show them our culture and expectations as a company. The focus is to increase everyone’s knowledge on the ABAX products and technology and improve their attitude to ensure that everyone works towards the same goal.

What did we do?

The weekend agenda consisted of academic sessions located around Larvik. Each session outlined the products that ABAX sell, and any future products that will be sold. Not only is this effective for the existing staff, to increase their knowledge, it is also effective for the new starters who now have a better understanding of what we do at ABAX.

As we say in ABAX, “Work hard, play hard". After a lot of learning, we participated in fun-packed activities in the evenings. Friday evening saw all 300 members of staff from the Planet (the name ABAX gives to its company as a whole) in their swimming attire, with a robe and thermal socks. The reason for this was an ice bathing experience, where all staff braved the snow and ran into the Norwegian Sea, which was -10 degrees! It was amazing, but very cold! Following this, everyone was able to warm up and relax in the Farris Bad spa.

ABAX also surprised the staff members and arranged helicopters to take a trip up into the sky and check out the amazing view.

The last evening was the annual ABAX Awards party, where everyone dressed to impress. The night was full of entertainment, with Norwegian country singer and World Idol winner Kurt Nilsen, Canadian Comedian Tanyalee Davis and The Hitmen band.

As our essential elements show (People, Technology, Products), People are a key part of ABAX and commending them for their hard work leads to happy employees.
Ice bathing for ABAX staff at Farris
Helicopter rides at ABAX
Farrisbad Hotel in Larvik