Lower your admin hours by using ABAX Fleet Management


The Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) has said that small businesses waste up to 28 hours every week dealing with administration and red tape. Research shows that if this time was spent on growing the business instead, an extra £4.7 billion could be added to the UK economy.

The ABAX Fleet Management system will help you to lower your admin hours. The system makes it easy to follow regulations, keeps up-to-date records, documents activities and ensures a cost effective operation.

Through versatile data and its analysis, it is possible to compare driver behaviour and fuel consumption. With the reports the system provides, it is easy to support drivers towards a more economical way of driving. The improvement of drivers’ behaviour, gives significant fuel savings, this reduces costs and environmental impact. It can also reduce insurance costs and improves your public image.

In addition, the tracking equipment makes it possible to track accessories within the vehicle. It is possible to connect several different accessories simultaneously and this way report accessories’ usage times and location on the map.

Let ABAX Fleet management document all vehicle activity, present it in digital maps and generate extensive reports to ensure all your documenting needs are covered.