Make sure you’re reliable with your deliveries this Christmas

Christmas Deliveries at ABAX

We are fully aware that delivery companies are under a lot of pressure this Christmas to deliver presents on time.

Research was held among 500 UK businesses running fleets, and it revealed that almost a third (31%) of these businesses struggle with reliability issues. To ensure that you’re 100% reliable and are delivering presents on time, the ABAX Triplog would be a good present for your business.

Fleet Manager

A Fleet Manager has the ability to check on a live map to see if their vehicles are crossing paths, via the use of a Spot Search. This would ensure that time is not being wasted, creating a more time-efficient and cost-effective delivery service.

Another add-on that a Fleet Manager could use is Live Traffic, which shows the flow of traffic on a map - green being no traffic, red being lots of traffic and to take an alternative route. If this is the case, the Fleet Manager can use the ‘Send SMS to driver’ tool, to send a text message to the driver to inform them that there is traffic.


In terms of the driver, they have the ability to contact their client and inform them of their accurate location and the time they will be arriving with their parcel.

In addition, if the customer receiving the parcel, for any reason says that they have not received the parcel, the driver can go onto their system and prove that they have been to the exact address.

Research held by RAC Truck Research for CommercialFleet 27/11/2015.