Manual Mileage Log vs Electronic Triplog

Have you ever wondered the difference between a Manual Mileage log and an Electronic Triplog? Why should you use an ABAX Triplog instead of keeping a paper mileage log? See the list below.
Digital vs paper

- Are you spending 15 minutes of your day filling out your paper Triplog? Or do you let your Electronic Triplog do it for you automatically?

- Have you stored your paper Triplogs for the last six years? ABAX takes care of your documentation for as long as the HMRC require.

- Are you sure that all the trips are documented correctly and your Triplogs are up to date? The ABAX Triplog saves your data with 100% accuracy.

- With an Electronic Triplog you can always keep track of where your vehicles are. Your paper Triplog will only show you where your vehicles HAVE been.

- By using the ABAX Triplog you can save 20% in your fuel costs. How much can your manual mileage log save you?

- You can be sure that your company cars are not being used for private trips. A paper Triplog does not count private trips.

- Electronic Triplogs can be checked anytime, anywhere, therefore you are always in the know of what is happening.

- An Electronic Triplog alerts if something unusual has happened. A Paper Triplog does not know what is normal and what is not.

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