Maximise the use of your vehicle tracker!


Do you want to maximise the use of your vehicle tracker? Well now you can! Visit the ABAX app store to find additional functions and services that have been designed to accommodate your personal fleet requirements:

ABAX Active Map – A fleet control function which shows the locations of fleet vehicles in real-time.

ABAX Data Storage – Ensures effective data storage through our safe servers.

ABAX Mobile – Our smartphone / tablet application, where you can easily register the purpose of your trip, add comments and access your reports. ABAX Mobile is available for any unit that supports JAVA, including iOS, Android and Blackberry.

ABAX Scheduled Reports – You can configure your most important reports, which can be automatically emailed to you.

ABAX SMS Service – This gives you the ability to send text messages to several employees at the same time; making business more efficient.

ABAX Spot Search – Fleet movements show on the map on your chosen date range and region.

ABAX Tags – Tag your vehicle or equipment with labels that allow sorting options in dashboard, maps and reports.

ABAX Traffic Flow – A feature that allows your drivers to see traffic congestion locations and therefore allows drivers to choose the smoother route! This is an add on to ABAX Fleet control which makes it easier to give orders and directions.

ABAX Vehicle Admin – Provides you with a total package of information on your vehicle fleet. A total report provides you with the full overview and detailed information on driving costs, Co2 emissions for the entire fleet, insurance deals and more!