New temp job at ABAX!

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ABAX needs you to fill a vital new position over the summer!

The days are long, the sun is out and ABAX needs you!

Thanks to our upcoming growth and continued efforts to streamline processes, we have a summer temp job that needs filling ASAP! ABAX are looking for a temp to perm Data Validation Officer.

That sounds complex, right? Wrong!! We pride ourselves on quality from start to finish and we need you to make that happen. As a DVO, you need no prior experience, just the ability get started and crack on! You will be verifying the quality of information that we purchase from suppliers.

This isn't telesales, this isn't a commission only role, this is a good honest salary for good honest work. Simply pick up the phone, verify several simple pieces of information and move onto the next call. BANG BANG BANG... CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Providing that you have the right attitude and drive to take on the task, you will enjoy working at ABAX. We want employees to work hard, but we reward them with regular breaks, social activities and games within the office. Setting yourself short term targets, such as hourly, session and daily call targets will help the time fly-by whilst maximising your productivity.

What will you gain from working at ABAX?

Telephone skills - a key skill to have within Peterborough

Sales skills -immerse yourself within ABAX and pick up on our methods

Job prospects - other positions in ABAX could follow...

Connections - we have great local networks including Peterborough United

Table tennis - you get really good so quickly!

Who are we looking for?

As this a temp position starting in the summer, you could be a student looking to earn some money over the break. Alternatively, you could be someone looking to bridge a gap between jobs, acquire new skills or hunting for full time work through a temp to perm position.

For more information, contact Kevin Bull on 01733 698888 or

About Kevin Bull

Kevin started with ABAX in 2012 and has worked his way up to In-house Sales Director. He previously worked as a plasterer and like many people from Peterborough, spent some time working in insurance. At the weekend, Kevin ditches his corporate image, dons a Trilby and thrills audiences nationwide as the lead guitarist of Children of the Revolution.