Norwegian Contact Support Centre

Customer Support - Norway

ABAX have placed all of their technical expertise in one place to help you, the customer, receive the best possible service. The new customer service department in Norway combines the existing technical know-how of several previous departments and has combined them under one roof to create a new, super department (All positive so far). Some of you will have noticed that this centre of expertise is based at our European Head Office in Norway, home to 150 employees. But that doesn’t mean that you won't talk to some of the same staff as before or pay for international call charges…

ABAX would love for you to find out a little bit more about their wonderful Customer Service team:


Alexandra (on the right) has been working in ABAX Customer Support for a year now. She studied in the United States to be a commercial pilot, but is originally from Finland. In addition, Alexandra did her primary and lower secondary school at international schools in Finland, so the vast majority of her education has been in English. If you've spoken to customer support before, you will more than likely have spoken to Alexandra, as she works for the UK market.

She describes herself as “Precise, honest, and ambitious".

Alexandra finds that she learns something new each day when working in customer support. The learning never stops - be it learning more about the complex back-end system, or about the way employees work best. The department is very multicultural and provides services in 6 different languages. They keep a light and humorous environment, while maintaining the ability to focus on tasks at hand.

If she was to go to a desert island, she would take an airplane... and her handbag! (You can find a lot in a woman's handbag!)

Alexandra thinks that working in ABAX Customer Support is like…winning the lottery. Being located in Larvik, Norway, it is a beautiful coastal city about 2 hours south of Oslo.


Heidi (furthest on the left) has been working for the ABAX Customer Service department since August 2015. You will recognise her from her Scottish Accent, as she lived in Glasgow for 10 years, although she is originally from Norway.

In 3 words, Heidi is a kind, honest and service-minded individual, whose typical day starts off with a cup of tea. After that it’s non-stop smiling and providing great customer service over the phone and e-mail. She finds that every day is different, working with many different cases and people, who teach and inspire the Customer Service department in new ways.

If she was to go to a desert island, she would take a boat.

Heidi thinks that working in ABAX customer support is like…an adventure! So many different people, cases and products. Combined with fast-paced working hours and the positive energy, every day is a new adventure in the ABAX world.


Jodie (in the middle of the picture), from The Netherlands has been working for ABAX since August 2015. First as a Booker, on the phone in Sales. Now as a Team Leader, on the phones, in Customer Service.

She describes herself as a “German like Dutchie", with a hint of Irish (lived there for 2 years)!

A typical day in Customer Support for Jodie, is about relating to each customer’s issue, to deeply understand the customers frustration, because it’s a shared feeling. In addition, she keeps to the strict, ‘smile and clean desk policy’ in order to motivate her team to work the ABAX way! End of the day consists of a big group High-5 for the fact that they’ve been able to solve some of the day's issues, directly followed by gearing up for solving the coming ones.

If Jodie was to go to a desert island, she would take a book on how to cope with being stranded on a deserted island!!

Jodie thinks that working in ABAX customer support is like…A step into an awesome and bright future!

If you have any issues what so ever, please do not hesitate to call. ABAX love to help and are available 24/7 on 01733 698888/