Privacy policy


There are no official government guidelines directly referencing privacy requirements for GPS telematics on vehicles used for business. However, the Human Rights Act (1998) indirectly mentions; that a business has the right to monitor data communications within the workplace as long as the employee is aware of the monitoring before it takes place, and, an employee has the right to see any information held about them.

Additionally, the Independent Commissioners Office (ICO) released guidelines to aid workers and unions. The ICO recommend that any monitoring device must have an “on/off switch" (sometimes known as a privacy button) if private trips are allowed. This would allow the employee to have the system active for a business trip and the deactivated for a personal trip.

In simple terms, for a company vehicle:

If BIK is not paid, then private use is not allowed. Therefore, the business can monitor all activity with no issues regarding privacy. Our customers use this information to ensure private trips have not taken place, reducing their fuel bill by 20% and protecting themselves from a potential tax fine.

If BIK is paid, then private use is allowed. Therefore, it is recommended that any monitoring device must have an “on/off switch". In this situation, detailed mileage records would also be required to differentiate between business and private trips. ABAX have a mobile app which give an employee full control over their vehicle making the time consuming manual mileage records automatic, accurate and private. This results in a cost neutral system that drastically reduces admin time and ensures tax compliance.

The ABAX Triplog fully complies with all privacy regulations in the UK.