Singapore- The Lion City

ABAX in Singapore

Stig had trouble finding the ABAX car - but after a ton of paperwork and visits to various offices, he was finally ready for the traffic in Singapore. However there was a big risk of driving a nice car in Singapore.

ABAX’S new employee, Basse, has also been sent to help Stig on the rest of his journey around the world.
    • Singapore is one of the world’s biggest commercial hubs and is the 4th largest financial centre in the world
    • It is also one of the world’s smallest countries as ‘business’ takes a lot of space in Singapore
    • Singapore is called ‘The Lion City’ – although there has probably never been lions in the city
    • Singapore is one of three city-states in the world. The other two are the Vatican state and Monaco
    • Singapore has shifted time zones 6 times since 1905- today they are GMT+8 hours, 7 hours ahead of Norway
    • People in Singapore are the fastest-going people in the world- average speed of 6.15km
Stig’s Travel Log

Singapore became an independent country in 1965. However, many argue that the country is a dictatorship, since 1959, Lee Kuan Yew has been in charge. His son is now the Prime Minister.

To an outsider it seems that continuity may have worked in this country, Singapore is considered, together with Japan, Asia's highest living standards. Amnesty however criticizes the country for having one of the highest numbers of death penalties in relation to the number of inhabitants and the government controls the press strictly (if not quite as bad as Iran and China). The majority are Buddhists, and Christians and Muslims share the rest, with a small number of Hindus.

For the first time since Istanbul, I have finally been to a place where I'm reasonably sure I will return to. For a guy like me, who hates charter destinations more than anything else, it must be a clean and a dream place to bring Konemor and the kids to in the future. Beach, swimming, amusement parks, zoos in a very fertile place on Earth. As well as being an interesting city with lots of good food, and genuinely nice people. Singapore is certainly a place to go on holiday, but also expensive - most expensive city I've visited since Europe. In Singapore, they take the "arrangement and redo" approach, everything seems well organised. But the facade of perfect? I have been in the country for four days and have now moved on to Malaysia. Yesterday I was invited to dinner at Tom and Vipa Hellebø’s house. It was a pleasant evening with good food, lots of drinks and Liverpool victory. That said, everything seems seemingly perfect here but still a few things amiss. On Thursday, after all the paperwork was arranged for the car, I had "a few beers" with the guys at the forwarding office. Nice guys who talked a lot/ almost sang, They spoke English very fast, therefore I understood about half. Afterwards, I had to drive in traffic and got stopped  by the police after only one beer. The guys teased and laughed and thought that there is no Singapore police who care about drinking and ... hmmm, and Singapore who appears so perfect.

I had to ask my good friend Øystein about this. He should know the most about it as he lived in the city for a couple of years in his youth. Øystein is a great guy. Outwardly he appears as the most decent person, but it is only the facade. Ever since we borrowed our parents' cars and went on their own flocks mills - several years before we were 18 - has Øystein been easy to get involved in mischief and fun antics, so he is probably the right one to ask about what really matters. For now I wonder therefore whether Singapore is my friend. Perfect facade but with hyperactive and not so careful when everything is said and done. Yes, this I must hear more about, for in that case, I like the city even more. Perfect is after all boring after a while. I said that after crossing the border to Malaysia and it went down like a dream.

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ABAX in Singapore