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The job market in the UK has taken large strides forwards in recent years. Unemployment figures have fallen and a government focus to return people to work has boosted the economy.
Graduate Jobs at ABAX

One area that remains as difficult as ever is finding that first proper job after university. Graduates leave university with little 'real-world' work experience but do have a plethora of skills and knowledge acquired through an extended education. Graduates tend to fall into a category whereby a higher starting salary is expected - even with their lack of practical experience.

Companies have to weigh up their options when creating and filling job roles. Apprenticeships offer a cheap, often subsidised, young workforce capable of commanding entry level positions. In a market that is still recovering, many experienced professionals remain displaced from their true position within industry. As time passes, these dislodged professionals begin to find their rightful place within the working environment.

In short, grad's are up against really cheap and readily available school leavers for entry level jobs and far more experienced and just as hungry professionals within the white collar sector. Where does that leave your average grad? Working in an undesirable field and waiting for an opportunity? Teaching perhaps? That's what happened to me a few years ago!

Working for ABAX

At ABAX, we value attitude over experience. If you give the right person the chance, they will take it with both hands!

We want to hear from graduates who are looking to start their career with one of the UK's fastest growing companies. We have unique opportunities in;
    • Sales
    • Account management
    • Customer service
    • Finance
Who are we?

ABAX are a global, forward thinking, company in the process of rapid expansion within the UK and Europe. Based in Peterborough, we have a dynamic team of people who work up and down the UK and throughout Europe to offer the best products and service within the fleet management industry. We work hard, train hard and offer substantial rewards and benefits.

Kick off

With our sporting roots, we 'Kick Off' twice per year! These are our two big employee induction and integration events. Staff from all 6 countries gather in an exotic location to meet, greet, train and grow. Then we party - HARD! But the emphasis of train, work, train, work is continued and never forgotten.

Prior locations for Kick Off include the Arctic Circle, a Polish castle, Berlin, a Nordic Spa and even a Scandinavian military base!

We want you!

If you are eager, driven and have no limits, please email your CV to and tell us what you can offer!