Stay safe when you're driving this winter

ABAX Winter Safety

Waking up in the morning to minus temperatures and ice on our car windscreen is not pleasant for all, but it is important that everyone stays safe when they are driving, as ice is one of the most dangerous driving conditions. Black ice is also extremely hazardous, as it is clear and not as visible. This means that most of the time, drivers do not realise and still drive at normal speeds, which is dangerous for both the driver, and other drivers on the road.

Some top tips this winter:
    • Before you drive, make sure that your lights are working - it is important that other drivers can see you
    • Check that your windscreen wiper blades work - as the windscreen needs to be clear before you drive - if it takes an extra 5 minutes for the windscreen to clear, leave earlier for your journey
    • Drive slower and with care - braking hard could cause the car to skid
    • Ensure that you have the following things in your car:
        • An ice scraper and de-icer
        • A reflective vest and flashlight
        • Warm clothes
        • Jump start cables
        • Food and drinks
    • If in an emergency, a reflective vest and flashlight is vital, especially if it is dark - to avoid further disasters
    • Winter tyres - make sure there is enough tread on the tyres or get winter tyres
Also, check the weather on the Met Office before you set off on long journeys and avoid if possible if the weather is bad.

Remember not to use your phone when you are driving.