Teenagers believe that Plug-ins and Electric Vehicles will become the norm

Dr Ian Pearson held a survey to back the Go Ultra Low campaign, to find out about teenager’s opinions on Plug-in and Electric vehicles.
Electric Vehicle - Low emissions

Out of the 800 teenagers surveyed, aged between 14 and 17 years old, 81% said that they plan to buy an Electric Vehicle (EV) as their first car.

The reasons that Electric Vehicles appeal to the younger generation is the fact that they improve CO2 emissions and ensure cleaner air. Young people also recognise the fact that EV’s are cheaper to run, which means less fuel to put in the car, and more money in their pocket! Bonus!

Due to the popularity of electric vehicles, it means that there will be more EV’s on the used market, making them more affordable for the younger generation, as a first car for example.

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What is the Go Ultra Low Campaign?

The campaign was started by the Government and the automotive industry. The 12 month campaign is backed by large automotive organisations such as: BMW, Nissan and Toyota.

The campaign promotes the benefits of having electric and plug-in vehicles, as they are good for the environment.

As a result of this, £9 million is being put aside to install electric charge points around the country, in hope that it will boost the sales of EV’s and Plug-ins. These charge points will be located in towns, major roads, train station car parks, and for public-sector organisations.