Telematics - Connected cars are important factors for today’s car buyers

3 out of 4 people believe that digital services in a car will influence the choice of the car that they purchase.
ABAX Telematics

A new study by AT & T and Ericsson shows that 3 out of 4 car buyers say Telematics (digital services) will be an important factor in their next car purchase. The survey was conducted on people intending to buy a car within the next three years in the US, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and China (July 2015).

62% of respondents were aware of the term 'Online car / Connected Car'. A WiFi hot spot was ranked as the most important factor of respondents. 75% of those asked (after they understood the meaning of "connected car") indicated it as an important factor in purchasing a car.

For the second year in a row, the survey shows an increased awareness of the potential of a Connected Car buyer today and the car buyers evaluate these services as higher than before.

Read more about the survey here.