Telematics Terminology

ABAX are aware that tracking and telematics terminology can be confusing. To help, we have compiled an extensive list.


 Alerts – a notification usually via text or email about a specific vehicle or asset

• Bluetooth - a wireless technology which allows an exchange of data over a short distance

• Business trip - using a company vehicle for business use such as: driving from the office to a work meeting

• CANbus – the tool where information can be pulled from – this is used for our Fleet Management System

• CSV – Comma Separated Values – this file allows for data to be saved in a table format• Dashboard – an information system that provides an interface offering important information

• Driver ID – a tool identifying the driver of the vehicle by the use of a key and reader (see RFID)

• GPS - Global positioning system

• GSM – Global system for mobile communications

• Insignificant use – (an example) - an employee using a company van to take an old mattress or rubbish to the tip once or twice a year

• Mileage claim – A system to record and differentiate private and business mileage

• Mileage records – the details that a mileage claim must include, these being: dates, start/finish locations, mileages and reasons for all business trips

• Permission / Access Rights – controls what can be seen by an individual

• Point of interest – mapping feature that allows the monitoring of key locations

• Private trip – using a company vehicle for private use for example: to do a weekly shop

• Real Time – the capability to see the status of a vehicle and any occurrences as soon as they happen

• RFID – Radio frequency Identification – a key that attaches to a RFID reader to identify the driver of the vehicle if there are multiple drivers in the same company vehicle

• Roaming – the ability to keep the connection of a wireless device outside

• Significant use – (an example) – using a company van to do the supermarket shopping each week

• Sim card – a smart card containing an identification number unique to its owner storing data

• SMS – short message service- a text messaging tool

• Snail trail – a view of the journey a vehicle has taken in a period of time

• Street level mapping – the ability to see a street level view of vehicles and equipment

• Tachograph – a device that records information from a vehicle

• Telematics – collecting, processing and presenting vehicle data via information technology and telecommunications• Tracking device – a piece of hardware that can be used to track an object e.g. a vehicle

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