The UK is Europe’s fastest growing market for electric vehicles

Toyota Prius- Hybrid car

It has been proven that the UK is the fastest growing market for electric vehicles in Europe. The Go Ultra Low scheme shows that between January and September this year, nearly 21,000 ULEVs were sold in the UK – which is a growth of 140% against last year.

In terms of plug-in hybrids, the sales were up almost 230%.

In addition, more than two thirds of ultra low emission vehicles bought in the UK were bought by businesses, for company cars.

Due to the Government’s Plug-in car grant, these cars are now more affordable, compared to diesel and petrol alternatives. This is a great benefit as having an electric vehicle reduces the Benefit-in-Kind tax that is applied to vehicles.

The Government’s goal is for every car and van on the road to be emission-free by 2050, therefore, the more businesses that show an interest in the electric and plug-in cars, the more manufacturers find the need to create them – which will help reach the Government’s goal.

Electric cars = low emissions = happy Government!

There are a large range of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in the UK market, therefore many different types to choose from, from the Toyota Prius to the BMW i3.
BMW i3- Hybrid car
Toyota Prius- Hybrid car
BMW i3 - Hybrid car