Truck Telematics is set to take off in 2016

Truck Telematics

Source: Transport News Brief - January 5th 2016

Adoption of truck telematics seems set to take off faster than ever before in 2016, with the UK at the forefront of latest developments. Truck manufacturers and independent telematics system suppliers report unprecedented interest from operators seeking to squeeze as much operational efficiency as possible from their vehicles.

The total annual value of the global commercial vehicle telematics market will grow by no less than 22% year-on-year to US$40 billion (£26.5 billion) this year, according to Statista, a multinational research and statistical analysis firm based in Hamburg, Germany.

British operators are demanding more detailed and sophisticated reporting from telematics systems to maximise fleet efficiencies. Steve Coffin, UK Marketing and Operations Director for South Africa-based MiX Telematics, said, “There’s no doubt that fuel efficiency gains provided by telematics solutions is a given. Progressive operators are now looking beyond fuel savings alone to derive additional value from their telematics systems. Bespoke solutions need to be developed for specific operational issues."

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