Use a GPS Tracking Device to protect your business' time


The day in the life of a fleet driver is likely to change on a daily basis, that is if the business is operating without the use of GPS tracking devices. Without monitoring, fleet drivers have the freedom to take as long as they please to complete a job, making inefficient use of their company’s time. Similarly, they could complete a job early and still log the hours for pay. Even more so, drivers may have the temptation to take longer breaks or use the company vehicle to run their own personal errands.

Are your employees logging hours of work when they aren’t really working? Are your drivers costing your business countless hours of productivity? Fleet businesses that do not have GPS trackers may not have any evidence in proving that this type of driver behaviour is taking place. With the installation of GPS trackers, managers would not have to worry about this type of behaviour happening. The types of information that are logged are: historical information on mileage, total driving time and many other aspects of job performance statistics. These are logged automatically and are available for review at any time by those who have permission to access the system. GPS trackers could be your automatic time keeper, recording arrival times and end times at a job-site, to ensure that staff members are working the hours you intend them to work, instead of clocking in late and leaving early.

Not only is a GPS tracking device easier for both managers and staff members involved, but with the analytic reports, there is proof of what employees are doing with their time. This powerful tool protects the business’ time and money by measuring its fleet productivity.

A key benefit of having GPS trackers is that the fleet business can reduce lengthy, time wasting procedures, such as logging and manually inputting time sheets, and make the business more productive and accurate.

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