Wall Street Day to end a successful month

Wall street day

Today is the end of our March Madness internal campaign and we have brought it to a close with a Wall Street Day in all countries.

As previously mentioned, the month-long internal campaign is designed to encourage employees to step out of their comfort zone of traditional working methods, and be different for a month. We do this by changing the working atmosphere by regular fancy dress days with different themes.

Lots of incentives have been offered to the sales teams, as well as a dress up day to end a great month of sales, fancy dress days and employee motivation!

One of our new members of staff in the booking team, Umar Rehman, said that, “It has been a brilliant month with loads of fun, activities and people getting out of their comfort zone. I feel it has bought a really positive atmosphere to the workplace and has given us all a chance to really get to know each better and work more effectively as a team. We have had some really motivational team games and I think the team spirit at ABAX is at an all time high!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed every day at work and personally I feel March Madness should go on all year. “

… Until next time March Madness!

Wall Street Day