What could you be doing instead of filling in manual mileage logs?

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Our recent blog highlighted the impact that advancements in technology are having on fleet management.
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In particular, we looked at mileage logs and how using our electronic vehicle tracker, ABAX Triplog, can save you heaps of time.

So, what could you be doing instead of filling in manual mileage logs? The list is endless of course, but we have highlighted some important ones for you:

  • Making more money! “Time is money" – you will have heard this phrase time and time again, but it couldn’t be more true! The more time employees spend filling out mileage logs, the less money you are making! Don’t believe us? You can read how we have already helped customers save money with ABAX Triplog here.
  • Training your staff. Why not use the time you have earned back by training your employees? Extra training leads to increased skill, knowledge and productivity in the work place!
  • Innovating. Innovation is vital; we know the world is constantly changing and we need to keep up. Sometimes however, we are too busy and don’t have time to research into innovate ideas. Earn back valuable time and use this to research and develop your ideas!
  • Climbing Mount Everest!

So, we may be overestimating the last point, but what’s important here is the amount of time you are saving with an electronic vehicle tracker. There are not enough hours in the day; but ABAX can help you gain more.

Save your business time and money. Buy ABAX Triplog today.