When was the last time you checked your fleet to make sure all details were up to date?

ABAX Status Report

Why not run the ABAX status report and have it all checked for you? The status report shows the driver, the registration number of the vehicle, the type of vehicle, the date of the last odometer reading, the date and time of the last trip, the accumulated mileage, the unit’s serial number, and the employees mobile number and email address.

Use this report to check that all data is updated and the units work properly. If one of the indicators turn red, this can mean that the system is malfunctioning. It is also beneficial that all employees have their phone number and email address updated, since the system can issue automatic notifications to the drivers if something is wrong.

The report can be printed or exported as a PDF Excel, CSV and XML file.

You can also set up the status report as an automatic scheduled report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.