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This week we are going to look at the life of a Sales Representative in ABAX. The driving force behind our company, the ABAX sales team meet our clients in person, educate them and provide bespoke business solutions.
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Bruce Parker, one of the brightest prospects to emerge from the ABAX training school, has delivered results from day one. ABAX are always looking for more, motivated, driven and enthusiastic professionals to join the sales team.

Sales with Bruce Parker

ABAX is different. The company vision is 'the difference is ABAX' and it is not just our customers who experience the difference - ABAX employees really feel the difference too.

It all starts with ABAX School, a 100 day training programme that all employees are guided through. Pioneers of industry and master sellers work in conjunction with the ABAX leadership team to quickly build the knowledge and skills of the fresh faced recruits.

Selling in ABAX follows a method - and it works. For anybody who has previously been in sales, you may think that you already know a lot of what is being taught. With ABAX school being conducted over 100 days, you aren't just taught the method. You have time to learn, understand, apply and evaluate the method.

Training doesn't stop after the 100 day plan. Training happens weekly and is a fundamental aspect of the continual professional development program that runs throughout the company.

Working in conjunction with a team of bookers, I can spend more time actually in meetings as opposed to trying to book them myself. With a targeted focus on leads and referrals from clients, high quality meetings and genuine sales opportunities are a daily occurrence.

The best thing about working at ABAX is that the proverbial 'glass ceiling' doesn't exist. Your earnings are a direct reflection of your performance. The only limiting factor is yourself. With all of the tools available to employees and market leading technology, the sky is the limit!

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ABAX are looking for talented professionals throughout our organisation. For more information or to submit a CV, contact ABAX at

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