Young Team Leaders

Young Team Leaders

Due to the expansion in the UK we now have 4 new young Team Leaders. Each leader looks after a small team of bookers and focuses on motivating, educating and supporting.

ABAX has a set of values- first and best, enthusiastic and profitable. It is a guide to every employee to a happy, professional workplace. When the Team Leader positions became available, we looked within our existing loyal staff and gave the opportunity to the individuals that best followed our values.

All of the leaders work hard and relish a challenge. With new hungry fresh faces, it brings exciting ideas with a competitive edge. This creates an office environment with a difference.

With an intense training course taught by the best leaders in ABAX to work through, targets to hit and a team to support they must be ready for the challenge.

Sam Craddock, (far left) the Team Leader for the West of the UK, states that he is: “Relishing the opportunity, thriving on the responsibility and loving every minute".

Adam, (second from the left) the Team Leader for the East Anglia, said that: “the nicest thing I've felt since being at ABAX is age isn't a factor in anything. If you deserve something then you'll get it. That in turn gives you the motivation to push people and yourself on."

Sara Plumb, (second from the right) the Team Leader for the North of the UK, including Nottingham and Derby finds it “really motivating and challenging to have a team to work with and help".

Mark Smith, (far right) the Team Leader for the London area said that: “It's new, it's challenging and it's nice to have the opportunity to create a team of people that could be future leaders in the company!"