Avoid Road Traffic Accident Scams

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There are numerous traffic accident scams circulating in the UK at any given time. With the increase in personal injury claims up and insurance claims skyrocketing, the Insurance Fraud Bureau is responsible for investigating every suspected false insurance claim. Due to the number of possible suspect claims, it's almost impossible to fully investigate them all, hence many scams and false claims fall under the radar.

In the last 9 years or so, fraudulent insurance investigators have exposed over 25,000 false or staged accidents. Some suggest that criminals are cashing in on over 200 million pounds a year so clearly there is money to be made in traffic scams.

Organised Scams

Throughout the UK there are numerous criminal gangs operating purely to set up traffic accidents. They then place personal injury claims to benefit from the cash that can be made there and are receiving huge cash payouts from doing so. Many gangs will help each other stage accidents with unsuspecting motorists by setting up a situation that encourages a serious crash or minor accident.

Insurance fraud investigators believe that setting up such situations isn't as difficult as it may at first appear, with many of these teams of traffic criminals strategically waiting at certain locations ready to pounce on their victim. There are a number of common scams that exist and knowing what to look out for can greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim

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ABAX has a history of helping our clients counter these claims. Only 9 days into the new year and the first case has arrived. Thankfully, ABAX Triplog was able to confirm that on this occasion that the vehicle was over 10 miles away from where the reported accident took place. Worryingly, we do see a lot of these claims. With the help of GPS data, ABAX is helping our customers stay one stead ahead of the fraudsters.

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As well as helping clients establish where their vehicles weren't, ABAX helps them find out where they are! One Birmingham based company had not one, but two vehicles stolen over Christmas in what is suspected to be a targeted crime. Thankfully, the customer was able to provide the police with not only the details of where the vehicles ended up, but also how they got there. The routes driven by the criminals provided the Police with some substantial leads.

Note to car thieves - if something is tracked with a GPS device, don't park it on your driveway!