BT hit by expenses scandal

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UK telecoms giant BT has announced a complete overhaul of their expenses procedure following false overtime, parking and damage to property claims made by two managers.
Expenses and Fraud

Fleet News has today reported that an anonymous whistle blower tipped off senior management as the the fraudulent activities. Following an investigation, the scale of the deception was found to be in excess of £150,000 over a two year period. Phillip Tamplin, 53, and Christopher Starrs, 50, another BT Openreach manager, were charged with fraud, and a number of staff were fired for wrongly claiming cash.

Tamplin, who made £124,000 from the scam, was found to have submitted more than 100 fraudulent claims between October, 2010, and May, 2013, while Starrs made £28,000-worth of bogus claims.

How can ABAX help?

ABAX has always pitched Triplog as a method for employers to verify working hours of staff. With a fleet of 27,000 vans and 5,300 company car drivers, it is understandable that an organisation the size of BT may sometimes struggle to verify the whereabouts of employees.

There will always be people who look to gain financial advantages in situations where there are few measures of control. Lack of control will often mean that it is much harder to catch fraudulent activity taking place.

The recording of overtime is one of the most commonly overstated claims. It normally takes place outside of normal working hours and therefore the exact hours cannot usually be verified by a supervisor - a lack of control. Secondly, the rate of pay is normally higher - motivation for financial gain without a consequence... I think so!

Triplog is not there to catch employees out. The majority of clients choose to inform there staff that devices have been installed to their vehicles. What Triplog does is remove the opportunity for fraud. The business knows the exact times that their employee was on site - it is black and white.

Don't get caught out like BT. With a fleet of over 32,000 vehicles, just two employees defrauded the firm by more than £150,000. Take control of your fleet today. Speak to ABAX to see how we can help you!

/ Chris Miller