Is my business using my company vehicle to spy on me?

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Privacy is one of the main concerns clients have regarding company vehicles, tracking and fleet management – and rightly so!

ABAX understands that employees do not want to be watched 24/7 and we fully respect our customer's privacy concerns. That is why ABAX is different. Company car drivers receive their own personal login and account with customised privacy controls. Drivers set their own personal work hours, which means they are only visible to admin during these specific times. In short, ABAX puts drivers in control.

Triplog is a digital mileage capture system for company cars. Instead of manually writing down every piece of information for every trip, Triplog does this automatically. But Triplog keeps this private too. The only trips admin can view are those marked as ‘business’. This means employees are free to travel where they like in private - without worrying about being ‘tracked’!

"But what about if I drive a van?". The majority of vans are taxed only for business use and that makes the rules different to driving a company car. If a van is business use only, the company has the right to monitor the vehicle 24 hours a day - this is providing the driver is aware of the monitoring before it takes place.

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