Every work trip has to have a purpose for the trip

You can create a purpose for every trip on your Triplog. Below will show you how.

Create a purpose

 Click the “settings" button on the top right and choose “purpose". Here you can see all the purposes that the admin user has created. The admin user can create purposes for every user or different departments. The driver can also create purposes which can be only be seen by himself.

Click “Add New" in the right hand corner. Name the purpose, for example “From airport to home", click save.

When you click on trips that do not have a purpose, a new window will open with all the details of the trip. You can click the arrow behind the “purpose" and choose the right purpose from the drop-down menu. Remember to click save after choosing the purpose.

All the purposes can also be found on the ABAX Mobile add on.

Create an area

Click “Triplog" from the main menu and choose “Area Administration". The map will open and you can see the list of the areas. Above the list is a button where the new area can be created.

After clicking the button you will see a grey coloured box on the map. If you scroll the mouse on the map it will zoom closer. The size of the box can be changed by dragging the mouse from the corner of the box. Fill in the details and click save.  When you are starting or stopping (for more than 2 minutes), the trip inside the area will be given a purpose automatically).