FAQ - How do I monitor my company cars on a map?

An admin user can see all of their company cars on the same map. But what about if an employee is using the ABAX Triplog on their private car?

ABAX Triplog

Why can’t I see all of the cars on the map when I am logging in as an admin user?

The car is most likely a private car and locations and trips are not shown as a default setting. The user himself can decide when his/her car is visible to the admin user. The employee can still fill out the Triplog like normal, even if the car is not visible to the admin user. All the details can be found there.

How to change the visibility?

If you want to make your car visible to the admin user, log in with your personal username and password. On the Triplog interface, go to Settings and choose “private car on the map". Here, you can choose the times that your car will be shown to the admin user."

Privacy is very important to us at ABAX, therefore we do not want you to worry about this policy.