Question of the week - "I have forgotten my login details"

If you have forgotten your login details you can request a new one from the front page of ABAX (
Log in to the ABAX System

I have forgotten my Login details

Click “Log in" as you would normally do while logging in.

At the bottom of the grey box you will see the link which says “Forgot password?" where you can request a new password.

You will be forwarded to the page where you have to write your phone number in an international format, (+44) at the beginning of the number. Then click “Reset password".

You will get a SMS with a link. By clicking the link you can create a new password.

I requested a new password but the link doesn’t work

The link is valid for 6 hours. If the link is older than 6 hours or it doesn’t work, you will have to request a new password from the admin user or customer service, on 01733 69888.

Change password

If you requested a new password from Customer service, you can change this password from the interface. Log in with your new password that you received. Click the person symbol from the main menu and choose “Change password". Write the password to be changed to the “Old password" row, create a new password under that and confirm it. Remember to save your settings.