Question of the week – Why I am not able to deliver my Triplog?

Did you receive a notification while delivering your Triplog that you are not allowed to deliver it? The reason might be missing the mileage or purposes of the trips.

You can fill the mileage in three different ways:• ABAX Mobile - The easiest way to update the mileage is do it via the mobile app. Choose “settings" and you will find the mileage under heading “Information". Select that and update the new number and remember to save the updated information in the right hand corner.

• On the interface via the computer - Choose “Settings" from the main menu and you will find “Mileage" on the under menu. Update the new mileage number and click save.

• The admin user can update the mileage from the interface - Click “Triplog" from the main menu and choose “Vehicle". Then choose the right vehicle from the list below and the new window will open with all the information related to that vehicle. Scroll down the page and open the mileage drop drown menu. Choose the right date and fill in the new mileage number and click “Add new mileage". Save the new information from the right hand corner.The purpose of the trips can also be done in the above three ways. The only difference is that you choose from your Triplog the trip where you want to add the purpose. Add the purpose and click “Save".