Telematics versus Privacy

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A blog published this week by Nick Walker in Business Car re-addresses the never-ending relationship between vehicle telematics and privacy rights.

Nick says, “fleets have been realising the benefits of increased technology in the form of telematics for many years". Furthermore, and I think we all agree, it is time for the government to directly acknowledge this and “support the introduction [of] open, standardised and secure platforms". Presently, the only guideline is an unofficial report by the Independent Commissioners Office (ICO) that refers to a ‘privacy button’.

In a rapidly expanding technological market, a ‘privacy button’, something that requires human interaction, is an outdated idea and you can understand why “40% of businesses faced staff concerns about the possible intrusion into their privacy". So what is the solution?

Primarily, it is important to understand when privacy is relevant to a company vehicle. A ‘privacy button’ only needs to be an option if benefit-in-kind (BIK) is paid. If no BIK is paid then only business trips should be undertaken and a business has a right to monitor all business related activity (Human Rights Act 1998). That leads to the question, “what is the solution for a company vehicle that is used privately?"

Welcome to the grey area of control and accuracy versus privacy. Most companies struggle to find a solution to support their fleet while keeping their drivers happy. That is why ABAX have come up with a 100% privacy compliant solution- The ABAX Triplog.

The ABAX Triplog system gives the power to the drivers with highly customisable settings and a driver’s mobile app. With the strictest settings, the live map function is disabled and all trips, business and private; remain hidden until the driver submits their mileage claim. Once submitted, only the business trips are visible so the mileage claim can be validated. In effect, it produces a 100% private, accurate, HMRC compliant, digital mileage claim.

For those companies and fleet managers with concerns about privacy compliance get in touch. The ABAX Triplog is a 100% privacy compliant, user friendly system that gives you the functions needed to drive fleet costs down and ensure HMRC compliance.