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ABAX Equipment Control

What is ABAX Equipment Control?

ABAX Equipment Control is a “plug and play” system. The unit is compact, lightweight, rugged and easy to attach to any equipment. It is user-friendly, accessible and available on any internet-connected smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop PC. See your assets live on a Google integrated digital map, keep track of your equipment usage logs, receive alerts about unauthorised use and schedule your service notifications.

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Why use an ABAX Equipment Control?

ABAX Equipment Control will monitor key factors, including where your equipment is located, usage duration, and movement to a new location. Alerts based on usage inform you of pending service events. If you are renting your equipment to contractors, ABAX Equipment Control reports are key to making sure that your equipment is being used according to agreed terms and that your customers are invoiced correctly.

  • ABAX Equipment Control enables you to:
  • Avoid wasting time searching for lost or misplaced equipment
  • Monitor and control the usage of your equipment
  • Improve efficiency in daily operations
  • Potentially reduce your insurance premiums
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Remote Support


In some situations remote assistance may solve your problems. We offer remote help through Teamviewer. Please do the following to get ready:

  • Click on this link. Your browser will automatically start downloading the Teamviewer client
  • Once downloaded click the installer file and select "Run"
  • After completing the installation you will see this window
  • Call us and provide our support or sales staff with "Your ID" as shown in the Teamviewer application
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ABAX Triplog

What is ABAX Triplog?

The ABAX Triplog is an ABAX-developed GPS unit, permanently communicating with our secure servers. This means that the vehicle’s triplog unit continuously and automatically transmits positions and driver data to our servers. Moreover, ABAX Triplog will always have the latest software. 

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Why use an ABAX Triplog?

ABAX Triplog makes everyday life easier for vehicle drivers and their company by efficiently providing reliable documentation of each vehicle’s trips. It automatically documents all driving via GPS technology. These documents then produce a mileage log to help keep your business tax compliant. We also pay great attention to the protection of personal data, making sure that the privacy and working rights of each employee are safeguarded. 

With an ABAX Triplog you can: 

  • Ensure accurate reporting and reliable positioning of your vehicles
  • Simplify the documentation process for employees and your business to fulfil tax administration requirements
  • Increase savings and reduce costs associated with vehicles used at work
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