Public Sector

Do you want to offer better customer service? How about being more efficient, as well as ensuring tax compliance?

Offering efficient services is key for the Public Sector. ABAX will help you stick to your budget, keep accurate documentation, ensure tax compliance, offer better customer service and improve your general services where vehicles are needed. We can also help you keep control of all your equipment and monitor how it’s being used. With ABAX you will always have the exact location presented on an up-to-date digital map.


ABAX Triplog

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ABAX Equipment Control

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Will provide you with tools like ABAX Fleet Control and ABAX Traffic Flow to help you manage your fleet more effectively. 

ABAX Reports

Various tax and efficiency reports that have been customised to existing regulations and customer needs.

ABAX Assist

Customise important reports, receive notifications when service is needed, and send SMS automatically to your drivers reminding them to update the total mileage.

Tee-Kay Packaging Ltd

"ABAX have intuitive technology and have over-delivered on their promises to us”.

- Paul Kilby, Communications Manager 

Edge Equipment Hire 

"Received our 9 self-install trackers, and as promised, they were so easy to install, takes minutes!"

- Lee Forshaw