Public Sector

Offering efficient services is key for the Public Sector. Even though keeping track of all your vehicles is important, your focus should be on the quality of service, efficiency and excellent user satisfaction. ABAX will help you stick to your budget, keep accurate documentation, ensure tax compliance, offer better customer service and improve your general services where vehicles are needed. ABAX can also help you keep control of all your equipment and monitor how it’s being used, even if sub-contractors are used to a wide extent. Locating your vehicles and equipment should not be something you spend your time doing. With ABAX you will always have the exact location presented on an up to date digital map.


ABAX Report Package

Various tax and efficiency reports that have been customised to existing regulations and customer needs.

ABAX Scheduled Reports

Customise the most useful and important reports and have them sent automatically to your e-mail at a fixed schedule.

ABAX Mobile

The ABAX Mobile app enables drivers to control, update and maintain their ABAX Triplog directly from a smartphone.


ABAX Triplog

Business package

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ABAX Equipment Control

Premium package

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Assured Group Ltd

“The ABAX Triplog has cut our fuel costs, allowed us to confirm our employee’s working hours and assist us with planning our future workloads.”

- Karen McMillan, Fleet Coordinator and Administration

Opals Group Ltd

"The level of service provided by ABAX coupled with the value which the products bring make it a no-brainer to recommend ABAX to any business, no matter what size, who operate a fleet of vehicles.

The level of service is simply second to none and it is truly refreshing to find a business which genuinely goes out of their way to ensure that their customers are satisfied."

- Sam Hodge, Commercial Director