Rental Companies

Want to reduce the risk when renting out your vehicles and equipment? With ABAX Equipment Control your vehicles and equipment are always monitored.

Renting out vehicles and equipment can be profitable, but there is also a risk that the client will misuse your assets, and fail to follow the rental terms. With ABAX your vehicles and equipment are always being monitored and tracked, so that you can keep accurate documentation of mileage or usage for invoicing. In addition, you can make sure that you follow the service schedule based on actual usage and recorded engine hours. Your valuables can also be recovered in case of theft or if misplaced by accident.


ABAX Triplog

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ABAX Equipment Control

What happened package

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ABAX Fleet Control

Real-time location of all vehicles equipped with ABAX Triplog on a digital map.

ABAX Usage logging

Monitors when and how much your equipment is being used. Our usage logging reports also protect your company against unauthorised use of your valuable equipment by customers or employees.

ABAX Service notification

Get a reminder about any upcoming services, allowing you to schedule it in advance and plan accordingly.

ABAX Report Package

Various tax and efficiency reports that have been customised to existing regulations and customer needs.

Practical Car and Van Rental Milton Keynes

"We would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to safeguard there vehicles, it has helped us save money already on costs and I'm sure it will continue to do so in the future."

- Chris Sawyer, Rental Manager

Round Motor Trade Ltd

"We have used ABAX now for more than a year. Excellent product. We even recovered one of our vehicles that was stolen from us!"

- Aron Gold

Edge Equipment Hire 

- Lee Forshaw

DWA Claims Ltd

“The ABAX system has been better than the previous two systems in terms of ease of use, installation, effectiveness and the fact that it actually works.”

- Ashley Potter