Service and Maintenance

Wouldn't it be great to be able to plan your workday to make it more efficient, always know where your fleet is and have complete control over your equipment, all to reduce idling time and save money?

With ABAX you can plan your day to day job more efficiently by gaining full control on all projects and knowing the position of your cars to reduce unwarranted use of vehicles. ABAX Worker, our project management tool, helps you ensure paperless and accurate handling of documentation and time tracking – directly from your smartphone.


ABAX Triplog

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ABAX Worker

Standard package

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ABAX Equipment Control

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ABAX Fleet Control

Real-time location of all vehicles equipped with ABAX Triplog on a digital map.

ABAX Report Package

Various tax and efficiency reports that have been customised to existing regulations and customer needs.


Add tags on equipment in maps and reports in order to sort, filter and organise your vehicles and equipment.

ABAX Mobile

The ABAX Mobile app enables drivers to control, update and maintain their ABAX Triplog directly from a smartphone.          

The K.A Wing Group Ltd

"ABAX Worker is a fabulous tool to use, that is user-friendly and has a great interface. We were sold on the system straight away!"

- Barry Towell, System Administrator

 MAN Commercial Protection Ltd

"I shall be pleased to recommend any business that needs to keep track of their fleet to go to ABAX, we have used other companies in the past but this a much simpler and effective method with many benefits, we don’t use all of the facilities this system uses but they are there if we need them. The company have been very supportive and are always on hand to sort any issues. (not that there have been many). The customer focus is first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody."

- Mike Neville, Keyholding Manager 

 Pure Planet Recycling Ltd

"We use ABAX to track our secure collection fleet. When handling customers products and data prior to destruction it’s important we know where those items are. Within seconds we can identify where our vehicles are and their estimated time of arrival. It also enables us to keep customers updated of when to expect their collections."

- Phil Gibbs, Director

James Electric Contracting Ltd

"Having been experiencing coverage issues with another tracking system we looked at the Abax system. Having had a demonstration we decided to place an order. The coverage has been fabulous and the back-up service has been excellent. I can fully recommend the system."

- Paul Gould, Managing Director