8 out of 10 would recommend ABAX to others

At the end of 2016, we conducted a customer survey and we have summarised the results.

One of our primary company goals in ABAX is to have 80% happy and engaged customers. We are working towards this every day. With a result from the survey we can see that we have almost reached that goal.

ABAX and its employees will be working even harder at being the first, most enthusiastic and most profitable problem solver for everyone who uses a vehicle in work, also in 2017.

Below you can see some details from our customer survey.

Statements and how happy our customers are with the following issues:

Arranged according to importance:

    • Service and customer service (84%)
    • General quality (80%)
    • Userfriendly (80%)
    • Use of customer service first time (75%)
    • Value for money (72%)
    • Installation (71%)

Of the respondents, eight out of ten would recommend ABAX to others. Also eight of ten say that ABAX products are high quality and describes ABAX as dependable.