A week of ABAX School

A new year, has called for new recruits, which means ABAX School has begun.
ABAX school

A new year, has called for new recruits, which means ABAX School has begun. In previous years, we have held ABAX school in Norway, but due to the large amount of new recruits in the UK, (36 to be exact), we have decided to hold the training week at the new offices in Peterborough. We have also been joined by the new recruits from the Netherlands.

ABAX School is a week long training programme which covers all areas of ABAX, from the company to the products.

Day one

The first day consisted of background information about ABAX, the history, the mission statement and the vision, values and goals. The rest of the day went through the different departments within ABAX, from Finance to Marketing to the Planet Services.

Day two

Day two began to cover the Tax and privacy side of things, with detailed presentations and interactive sessions. The afternoon sessions are covering the product, software and hardware side of things, with more information into the organisational chart and internal resources that employees can use when working at ABAX.

Day three

Wednesday’s day consists of more complex information on tax and privacy and what ABAX expect from their staff and goals that need to be set for each individual.

Day four and five

The last two days of ABAX School will see the new booking recruits getting to grips with the phones and making their first few phone calls.

Whereas, the sales teams will sit through further sales training and attend sales meetings with existing salesmen, so that they get to grips with how meetings should be conducted in real life situations.