ABAX Mobile Applications

Our new mobile application was released at the beginning of September for iOS and Android operating systems. However, the mobile application is now also available for Windows devices.
ABAX Mobile App

The new application has a completely new design and is more user-friendly. This is the first step for ABAX to work towards an even better mobile experience for our customers.

Easy and always up to date

ABAX Mobile is an excellent additional service to edit your mobile expense claim from your smartphone or tablet. The mileage report goes with you wherever you go.

What ABAX mobile applications include?

The mobile application allows you to view and update information related to your vehicle, such as whether the distance you travelled was for private use or for business. The mobile application will save this information so that you do not have to remember it in future.

Have a look at what ABAX Mobile looks like on a Windows phone!

Download the app!

ABAX Mobile is available for download on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems as well as devices which support JAVA applications. Download the app by using the following links:

(Open this link to access on your smartphone: http://mobileapp.track2find.com/dl)