ABAX Triplog helped facilitate the police in finding a stolen car

The Mikkeli-based entrepreneur was extremely surprised on Friday after noticing his vehicle was missing from the yard.
ABAX Triplog

"On Friday morning I went to work and left the car in front of the office. I went to open the door to the warehouse's back yard, and when I came back the vehicle was gone", said the entrepreneur.

His first reaction was that he thought it was an everyday joke - however this was not the case.

The owner of the company did not worry himself too much, as the vehicle was equipped with the ABAX Electronic Triplog. By logging in to the system, he saw the location of the vehicle on the map. The customer located the thief just a coupe of miles from the office. The businessman then phoned the emergency services who sent out police cars.

"I informed the police car of the direction in which the thief was moving. We followed them using the map, in which case we were able to see that the second patrol car was on the right path."

The thief was stopped by means of nails shortly after. A bigger incident could have occured, as the vehicles were travelling at high speeds of about 118 mph. It was a large safety risk.

ABAX's system has high privacy rights, meaning only the driver himself was able to see the information regarding the speed of the vehicle.

The entrepreneur said that the police had taken over the system to monitor the thief's routes. The Triplog system was praised by the police for helping to facilitate with their work.

"I managed to get the car back in the afternoon, and got the tyres changed straight away", laughed the contractor who got the vehicle back.