ABAX Triplog sales double year on year in the UK

ABAX has seen a six-fold increase of sales from 2011 to 2015, and has now sold more than 135,000 vehicle telematics devices in Europe.

ABAX - Triplog

The Triplog is the core piece of telematics technology for ABAX and the number of appliances sold in the UK has also doubled year on year since it first began to operate here in 2012.

The Norwegian-owned company also operates in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Businesses whose employees use company-owned vehicles for work may be required to report their usage to HMRC. Any private usage of a company vehicle will result in a benefit-in-kind tax through the employee’s P11D.

Failure to correctly document or report this usage can result in large fines from the tax authorities.

ABAX UK Managing Director Chris Miller said: “We are finding that the largest vehicle sector exposed to this risk is commercial vehicles, typically sign-written vans that are taken home by the driver. Drivers and business owners are unaware that private use should result in a benefit-in-kind charge.

“This is where technology helps and detailed information from the Triplog is used for creating electronic mileage logs, which businesses can verify internally and demonstrate to HMRC that vehicle useage is compliant with current regulations."

ABAX now employs more than 45 people in the UK and its sales activity is spreading further across the UK, but its core success for Triplog has so far been in East Anglia, particularly in Cambridgeshire where its UK head office is based.

Telecommunications infrastructure services provider Opals Group employs 28 people at its UK head office in Peterborough and has a vehicle fleet of 16.

The company mainly operates in the south of England and now use ABAX’s Triplog technology in all vehicles.

Managing Director Sam Hodge said: “The ABAX Triplog technology has without doubt saved us money and increased efficiency. From being able to monitor and see productivity of our engineers, to being able to give our customers better level of service by informing them how far an engineer is away from them.

“We have also been able to effectively monitor and manage our assets by being able to see where they are.

“The system also helps increase safety and security by monitoring speed, keeps the company compliant through trip purpose reporting, out of hours reporting and tax compliance. We almost feel as though we are in the dark if one of our vehicles is not tracked now."

Last year, ABAX announced it doubled its gross turnover in Europe during 2014.

ABAX UK Managing Director Chris Miller added: “We know the HMRC is tightening its grip and we are hearing new stories each week from customers and businesses across the country, particularly around London and the West Midlands. Our aim is make sure businesses are prepared and compliant."


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