ABAX opens up the doors to its new office in Amsterdam

Thursday 10th December saw ABAX opens the doors to their new office in Harleem, near Amsterdam.
ABAX Amsterdam Office

Earlier this year, ABAX bought the Dutch technology company Trevler and announced its major expansion in Europe. The office in Amsterdam is currently the only office in the Netherlands and is therefore considered an important part of its goals to becoming a leading player in both the Netherlands and Europe.

“The local ABAX offices are important to us as they give us a unique presence in the market. With our new office in Amsterdam, as well as our talented Dutch employees, we are now ready to take ABAX to new heights in the Netherlands", emphasizes CEO of ABAX, Petter Quinsgaard.

The office is located in an old revitalised area of Harlem called Sugar City. The name derives from sugar factories which once dominated the area. It’s an old sugar factory which will now accommodate ABAX in its new 475sqm office with 17 employees.

The opening of the office comes shortly after ABAX announced a major commitment to the UK market. ABAX are seriously beginning to take up the fight for a leading position in Europe.

“The English and Dutch market is like the Champions League in our industry - it is here that one finds the greatest players in the world and right now we are well on our way to taking our place among them" says Vice President of ABAX, Bjorn Erik Brandsæter Helgeland.

Since the start-up, ABAX have experienced massive growth and can tell that they are moving towards yet another record year. Already in the third quarter, the company has passed last year’s result. For ABAX, this means that there has been 40% growth and 350 million Norwegian Kroner in revenue in 2015. This growth will further enhance due to the assistance of the Netherlands.

For further information, please contact:

Petter Quinsgaard, CEO, ABAX, +47 909 12 277, pq@abax.no

Bjorn Erik Helgeland, COO, ABAX, +47 980 71 000, beh@abax.no

About ABAX

ABAX is a major European player in the sale and development of electronic Triplogs for businesses and individuals who use a vehicle at work. ABAX products also include Fleet Management and Tracking Equipment. ABAX has 262 employees and offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The company is headquartered in Larvik.