ABAX re-launches mobile app for more operating systems

ABAX has re-launched its mobile app with a completely new user-friendly look so it’s now available for more operating systems.

ABAX Mobile App for IOS, Androids and Windows Operating Systems

The ABAX mobile app allows customers to edit mobile expense and compile mileage reports from a smartphone or tablet.

The new mobile application is now available for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, as well as devices which support Java applications.

The Norwegian-owned company, which established in the UK in 2012, is a market leader in developing products to support businesses and individuals who use a vehicle at work. These products include fleet management software, mileage capture technology and equipment monitoring devices.

Chris Miller, ABAX UK Quality Manager, said: “The new application has a completely new design and is more user-friendly.

“The mobile application allows you to view and update information related to the journeys driven, such as whether the distance you travelled was for private use or for business.

“The mobile application will save this information so that you do not have to remember it in future. The mileage report goes with you wherever you go.

“This is the first step for ABAX to work towards an even better mobile experience for our customers."

ABAX operates in the UK, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark, and, globally, there are more than 50,000 active licences for various forms of the app across all platforms.

One business currently using the app is Cambridgeshire packaging company Tee-Kay Packaging.

Rosie Hunter, Financial Director for Tee-Kay Packaging, said: “The ABAX app is such a useful addition for our Account Managers. We have six drivers who use it and they can quite simply arrive at their destination and mark on their mobile or tablet if the trip is business or private, add the location for future use and at the end of the week download the report to send into the office.

“No more spreadsheets, accurately calculated trips and a happy accounts office!"

For further information please visit www.abax.co.uk


About ABAX

    • ABAX has a UK office at Warmington, near Peterborough
    • ABAX hit the headlines in November 2014 when Peterborough United announced the company as its major new partner. This five-year deal includes the naming of the club’s ground to ABAX Stadium.

Tee-Kay Packaging website - http://www.tee-kaypackaging.co.uk/