Assured Group Ltd Improves Vehicle Fleet

Warwick-based Assured Group Ltd has seen a range of benefits to its fleet management operation since installing ABAX’s technology on vans and cars.

Assured Group Ltd Improves Vehicle Fleet

ABAX develops technology and products to support businesses and individuals that use a vehicle for work.

Assured Group Ltd employs 250 people and has 2,000 additional self-employed people working at its outlets and garages.

The company runs an 87-strong van fleet and 68-strong car fleet and uses ABAX’s Triplog and fleet management technology.

The Triplog product automatically documents all driving via GPS, calculates mileage and distance to give a concise record on vehicle usage to drivers, and to employers who can ensure their fleet is cost-effective.

Karen McMillian, who looks after Fleet Control and Administration for Assured Group, said: “The ABAX Triplog has cut our fuel costs, allowed us to confirm our employee’s working hours and assist us with planning our future workloads."

The Triplog is the core piece of telematics technology for ABAX and the number of appliances sold in the UK has also doubled year on year since it first began to operate here in 2012.

Another advantage to a company is that ABAX’s technology is made to ensure compliance with HMRC vehicle tax regulations concerning private and personal business vehicle usage.

ABAX is currently running a campaign ‘Know ABAX, Know The Rules’, to highlight the importance of keeping onside of the HMRC.

The campaign emphasises the existing knowledge gap with companies who operate a light commercial vehicle fleet and that they could be at risk of tax penalties of up to £3,000 if they aren’t operating in line with the HMRC’s rules and requirements.

A recent survey from YouGov, commissioned by ABAX, revealed that 56% of employees who drive a vehicle for business purposes are unaware of the tax regime for reclaiming business mileage.

Chris Miller, ABAX UK Managing Director, said: “We are finding that the largest vehicle sector exposed to this risk is commercial vehicles, typically sign written vans that are taken home by the driver. Drivers and business owners are unaware that private use should result in a benefit-in-kind charge."

By having the Triplog technology and easily accessible mileage records, all Assured Group Ltd drivers are operating vehicles in line with the HMRC requirements.

Chris Miller added: “We know the HMRC is tightening its grip and we are hearing new stories each week from customers and businesses across the country, particularly in our work around London and the West Midlands. Our aim is make sure businesses are prepared and compliant and we are doing this all of the time."