Fleets get smart with mobile technology

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The proliferation of mobile devices has radically changed the way companies work. People plan and live their lives by them and expect their work environment to be equally accessible and efficient.

Mobile technology is also changing the jobs of fleet and travel managers, roles which are slowly converging. According to Mobility Solutions: Driving Your Company Ahead of the Competition, a paper produced by Drive Software Solutions and Asset Finance International, in the future, the aim of fleet managers and transport operators will be to offer the user access to a broad mix of mobility options, including short-term rental, train, bus, tube and planes, all available via a single touch on a smartphone.

Meanwhile, what applies to the wider world also applies to fleet. In a recent Fleet News online poll, 44% of respondents said they or their drivers used smartphones or tablets to manage company vehicles, 53% do not while 3% were planning to.

There is no latitude in accurate mileage capture now that HMRC has an eagle eye on fuel expense claims, as engineering company Ivor Searle discovered when a spot check early this year found that mileage claims from one employee were estimated and could not be reconciled to fuel card invoices. The company faces a potential fine for an incorrectly compiled business/private mileage log and the driver faces a full fuel benefit charge for just a number of unaccounted-for miles.

To prevent this issue occurring in the future, Ivor Searle has adopted ABAX’s Triplog system, which is a GPS dongle fitted to the vehicle which can be linked to an app. Drivers assign themselves to the vehicle and the hardware logs all trips and drivers mark them business/private. The app  then calculates what they are paid for each journey and they claim accordingly. GPS also allows the app to be used as a tracking device.

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