March Madness

ABAX's internal campaign, March Madness, started on Tuesday 1st March. All offices in the Planet of ABAX have been decorated according to the theme of this year's colour - red and yellow.

The purpose of holding these internal campaigns is to encourage employees to think about things a little differently - think outside of the box - to get even better results than ABAX already get. ABAX believe in the development of their employees and daring to try something new, which is why having internal campaigns like this, enables employees to learn new things about themselves, perhaps find new ways of working that are more efficient than before.

Fancy dress days are a key part of March Madness. The months activities include Cross-dressing, Easter day and Sports day, as well as performance-based prize giveaways.

People might question: Why? Why in the workplace, and even in customer meetings, is it necessary to dress a bit silly? ABAX believe it is about breaking the routine, and to lighten the work atmosphere.

The Difference is ABAX