Missing employee was found thanks to his vehicle tracker

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A Swedish craftsman was found thanks to the vehicle tracker he had installed in his company car.

The employees at the Swedish construction company, Byggaktiebolaget, started to worry about one of their colleagues after he went missing at work. The worker, who suffers from diabetes, was out driving as a part of his normal workday when he stopped communicating with the rest of the team.

The vehicle tracker made quick actions possible

The craftsman’s health condition was known by his colleagues, which made the CEO of the company, Björn Fagerström, aware of the possible urgent situation. Using electronic vehicle trackers known as triplogs, on the company cars, made it possible for Fagerström to locate the exact location of the employee in a digital system.

"We found him on a roundabout. I sent one of our employees over there, who noticed that he was not responding with words or body language, so we called an ambulance. When the ambulance got there he had already had some lemonade and dextrose. But I am confident that he would be unconscious if we would have gotten there 5 to 10 minutes later", Fagerström explains.

Leading telematics company behind the tracking system

The electronic vehicle trackers offers a digital fleet map, which have been used in the company for several years for logistic reasons and time saving. The international telematics company ABAX is the developer and supplier for the system.

"First of all, we are very happy that the employee was found and now is doing well. The ABAX Triplog system automatically registers the vehicles exact position and time. You can also see how far the company cars have been driving. The technique has been growing rapidly the last years and we believe it will explode globally by 2020", Mathias Eliasson, CEO at ABAX Sweden explains.

ABAX's main customers are companies with 5 to 15 cars, as well as a few private customers that use triplogs for mileage claims. Their systems makes it possible to track vehicles and machines if they get stolen.

Read the full story in the Swedish newspaper Jnytt here: https://www.jnytt.se/article/anstalld-raddades-av-gpsen/

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