Road Safety Week - Driver Safety

Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th November is Road Safety Week, where individuals are encouraged to think about the amount they use their car and how they can prevent using it as much to help the environment and become healthier as a person.

Road Safety Week

Research published for Road Safety Week by Fleet World, has found that nearly one in four motorists would drive more patiently to boost the safety of the road.

How traffic offences impact the company’s image

If members of staff in a company commit traffic offences, it has a negative impact on the company in many ways.

    • If the cars are sign-written company cars, then it can give the company a bad name if people in other cars see the offence.
    • In addition, the company have to pay the fines that have been committed, therefore losing out on money.
    • If the offences are committed frequently, then an individual may lose their license and also risk losing their job is the use of a car is needed on a daily basis, for example: to travel to customer meetings or even just to get to work in the morning and night.
    • Worst of all, a traffic offence such as: speeding could put other drivers at risk on the road, or even the driver themselves.

Fleet Managers need to make their staff aware that any offence from speeding, to the use of a mobile or parking fines have negative effects on the company and that they will not be tolerated.

By using a solution such as ABAX, Fleet Managers are able to have better control over their fleets. For example: the speed can be monitored, and the Fleet Manager can set speed limiters on the Triplog, so that they are notified if the driver of the vehicle is speeding. Using the ABAX solution lowers the risk of accidents for both the driver’s and other people on the road.

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