Stolen vehicle was found with help of ABAX Triplog in Finland

Stolen vehicle was found again with the help of the ABAX GPS tracking device. This time, a car was stolen from Tampere, Finland.

ABAX Triplog

The owner of Pispalan Putkipojat Oy, Jukka Hirvelä, noticed on the morning of 6th February when he arrived at work that one of his company cars had gone missing. Office worker, Oskari Ahde, began to investigate the location of this car.

“The first thing that came to my mind was to check the ABAX Triplog and where the car was located at the current time. I logged in to the system and checked the location information", said Ahde.

ABAX's Customer Service also helped Ahde with the route that the stolen vehicle had taken. Using the ABAX system, it was easy to found out the exact time the car was taken and where it had driven.

The vehicle was based at the office during the weekend and was stolen from there at midnight on Sunday evening.

The vehicle was found in the exact place where the tracking device showed it to be. Together with the police, the vehicle was returned to the right owner.

This was not the first time that a stolen vehicle was found with the help of the ABAX Triplog. ABAX recovered Edmundson Electrical King's Lynns van, that was stolen. Find out more here. 

The ABAX Triplog has also been able to combat a dishonest insurance claim. Find out more here.