The Financial crisis has put the spotlight on Fleet Management in the UK

The aftermath of the late 2000s financial crisis has put a clear focus on technological advances that enable businesses to save costs and increase financial margins.
ABAX Fleet Management System

This is the context in which we now see a significant rise of Fleet Management Systems across Europe.

Vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, play an essential part in the national economy of most European countries. Combined, this forms a €250 billion industry.

The margins are small and there are two main drivers that make thousands of European businesses seek out technical solutions in order to improve their financial situation. Fleet management systems are a very popular solution.

The main drivers for choosing a fleet management system are primarily led by economical and regulatory measures. The financial crisis hit the industries across Europe very hard, however, many businesses - especially within construction and transport - are seeing the light again. Even though UK businesses experience strong growth rates, the lessons have been learned and cost control and efficiency are kept front of mind.

This also applies to the control of commercial vehicle fleets. Rising fuel costs, in particular, have been a key driver for implementing fleet management systems in the UK. Savings between 10 to 20 percent on fuel costs alone will always be a decisive game changer for any business leader operating vehicle fleets.

Another important aspect of the rise of fleet management solutions are the introduction of digital tachographs. A small number of suppliers have already started to offer digital tachographs which allow the company to download data directly from the trucks and heavy vehicles onto servers and cloud based operating systems, directly from the office – this saves a lot of time for companies, regardless the size of the fleet.

The UK is one of the European markets where adoption of new technology is the highest and is also one of the most advanced markets for fleet management solutions. From the total number of 4.1 million commercial vehicles, more than 33 percent are today controlled by fleet management solutions.

ABAX and Fleet Management Systems in the UK

At ABAX, we are set to offer our ABAX Fleet Management System with digital tachograph capability in the UK this summer.

This will make it easier to update on your vehicles status, document all activities and ensure a cost effective operation. Our system will also make it easy for you to comply with laws and regulations.

This system has proven to be very popular in the other European countries we operate - Finland in particular.

If you would like to speak to one of our team around fleet management systems contact us on 01733 698888.

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Chris Miller – ABAX UK Chief Executive