The rise of Telematics

Telematics systems are becoming increasingly popular as they are able to manage multiple fleet issues at once.
The rise of telematics

There are many telematics providers but the one with the most benefits is ABAX, which cater for a range of vehicles, from company cars to grey fleets, commercial vehicles and plant equipment. ABAX are the market-leader in Triplog and Tracking solutions.

Telematics technology contributes to fleet safety:One factor that has aided the growth of telematics, is the boost in the safety of vehicle fleets.

Telematics technologies contribute to the overall safety of fleets in many ways. The option to monitor the location of a vehicle in real-time is useful for informing drivers about oncoming traffic, vehicle accidents, weather issues and inefficient routes.

In terms of maintenance staff, they can use telematics technology to catch repair issues before they turn into an accident. The ABAX system can notify the driver when the car has driven a certain amount of miles, in turn prompting the driver to book a service or MOT.

Evolving services translate to wider customer base:Pressure from Governments around the world, including the United States, has helped to drive telematics adoption globally. More fleet managers are wise to the long-term safety and savings improvements telematics can offer, driven by increasingly strict compliance updates to find cost-effective means of improving fleet performance.

Likewise, customers in the consumer and commercial sectors alike have greater awareness of the many benefits that telematics can bring to the dashboard.

Insurance companies continue to expand through telematics:Insurance providers, looking to utilize technology as a way of streamlining their accident claim adjustment process, have shifted toward offering telematics-based insurance rates to fleet companies. The detailed information collected by this technology can be used by insurance companies to investigate accidents with greater scrutiny. The extra details give insurers a closer look at what really happened to cause an incident, and this attention to specifics will protect safe drivers from being held responsible for a collision they didn’t create.

It may not be unrealistic to expect telematics to be installed on most vehicles within a decade or two, and the fleets that sign up for telematics early will be able to take advantage of cost-effective systems available today in the market.

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