Olli Oivanen appointed new CEO for ABAX Finland Oy

Helsinki 26.01.17- The board of directors in ABAX Group announce that they have appointed Olli Oivanen as new CEO for its Finnish branch ABAX Finland Oy.
Olli - New CEO

Olli Oivanen has been part of ABAX since January 2014, after ABAX acquired the Finnish company Salkatek Oy. During his time in ABAX he has been responsible for the Finnish sales division and has contributed greatly to the growth of the Norwegian telematics company in the Finnish market.

- I am humble and full of gratitude to be appointed as the new CEO of ABAX Finland Oy. We have a great product and services, and the potential in the Finnish telematics market is great. I am now looking forward to take ABAX through the next phase of growth in Finland, says newly appointed CEO of ABAX Finland, Olli Oivanen.

ABAX entered the Finnish market in 2014 and has since then acquired Salkatek Oy and has also grown to be a significant player in the Finnish telematics market.

- We see the need to take the Finnish branch in another direction and has therefore appointed Olli Oivannen as the new CEO for Finland. We are confident that Olli Oivanen will help us take ABAX Finland into the next big phase of growth in Finland, says Petter Quinsgaard, CEO in ABAX Group.


For more information

Petter Quinsgaard, CEO, ABAX Group, +47 909 12 277, pq@abax.no

Bjørn Erik Helgeland, COO, ABAX Group, +47 980 71 000, beh@abax.no

Olli Oivanen, CEO, ABAX Finland Oy, +35 8440557919, ooi@abax.fi

About ABAX

ABAX Group is owned by Norvestor Equity AS, and is a Norwegian company within sales and development of telematics solutions for commercial and private vehicles. ABAX is currently the fastest growing telematics company in Europe. Additionally, ABAX provides products for Fleet Management and GPS tracking of equipment. ABAX has more than 350 employees and offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland and China. The company headquarters are based in Larvik, Norway. www.abax.no